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JEISec - Japanese-European Institute for Security

Information and communication technologies constitute the "nerve-system" of modern societies and the key to successfully participating global economies.

Social services, e.g. customer relationship management, e-Government and medical services with a electronic health record infrastructure, demand the disclosure of personal data to third parties for being available anywhere at any time in the globalized economy.

But the weaknesses of the Internet have also become obvious. The side effects of increased surveillance as well as of long term and centralized storage of personal data are not totally understood and the damage resulting from misuse, theft, viruses and Trojan horses has become increasingly significant.

In Germany, privacy is a constitutional right, and it is the blueprint of many privacy laws outside Germany. The European Commission's E-Commerce Directive and Japan's Personal Information Protection Law acknowledge the crucial rule of privacy and security for economic, technical and cultural progress.

Objectives of JEISec

JEISec aims at communicating and integrating the research results between Austria (Vienna University of Technology), Germany (Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg), and Japan (National Institute of Informatics) as well as the associated partners.

Due to the close relationships of the National Institute of Informatics (NII) with Japanese academia, industry, and government and its over 56 worldwide collaborations and institutional agreements, NII is a globally relevant focal point for international cooperation, especially on the Asian Continent. JEISec cooperates intensively with the "Data-centric Human and Society Information Center" project at NII. This project investigates on a data-sharing/collaborative research infrastructures, which creates new value by projecting concrete information from our society into cyber space, analyzing and simulating it on the web, and enabling feedback from the web to real people and objects. Thereby, it delivers scenarios in Japan to the activities of JEISec on security and privacy.

The heavy involvement of the Vienna University of Technology within the Austrian Government’s Initiative of "Competence Centers for Excellent Technologues" (Secure Business Austria) delivers an additional synergy for JEISec as a platform on applied research problems in the area of IT-security with a focus on governmental, business aspects of security and privacy.

The Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg contributes by the Institute of Computer Science and Social Studies (Telematics) with their expertise in commercial applications of ubiquitous computing technologies, IT Risk and compliance, and business process security, in particular focussing on social and economic implications.

Topics of JEISec

JEISec - Japanese-European Institute for Security acts as an intermediate between Japanese and European research in the fields of

Activities of JEISec

The activites of JEISec as a collaboration platform between Europe and Japan regarding security are: