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Research Bulletin of the NACSIS, No.3(1990.9)


[last updated:2001/11]

H. Yamada

1. A. Miyazawa
On The Korean Character Codes (Japanese)

2. C. T. Lee
Comparative Analysis of Character Set/Code between Korean and Japanese Standard (Japanese)

3. K. Kageura, K. Oyama, A. Miyazawa, M. Negishi, S. Torii, H. Kinugawa
A Full-text Retrieval System Reflecting the Logical Structure of Documents (Japanese)

4. E. Katsura, K. Kageura
A Conceptual Framework for Document Delivery Services Based on Electronic Library (Japanese)

5. T. Koyama
Roles of Tasks in Knowledge-based Systems (Japanese)

6. T. Koyama
Process Modeling of Mechanical Conceptual Design (Japanese)

7. T. Hamada, K. Okubo
A Multiprocessor Database Machine for Very Large Relational Database (Japanese)

8. S. Asano, S. Ando
Routing Control for Multi-destination Traffic (Japanese)

9. H. Yamada
On Research and Development Activities in U.S.A. and in Japan (Japanese)

10. H. Yamada
Testing Procedures, Homogeneous Culture, and Creativity Cultivation : on selection procedures in education and in research (Japanese)