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Research Bulletin of the NACSIS, No.2(1989.3)



1. T. Hamada, T. Yamazaki
A Support System for Software Development based on Program Database (Japanese)

2. S. Asano, Y. Sakai, M. H. Choi
A study on high speed packet switching by self routing control (Japanese)

3. E. Naito
Problems of UNIMARC-authority (Japanese)

4. M. Negishi
Preparation and Telecommunication of Machine-Readable Documents in Japanese Academic Community (Japanese)

5. M. Makimura, M. Negishi
Development of NACSIS-IR Information Retrieval System for ISTP&B (Index to Scientific and Technical Proceedings and Books) Database (Japanese)

6. T. Koyama
A study for structural analysis of Japanese medical terms (Japanese)

7. K. Oyama
Database construction of the scientific terms (Japanese)

8. K. Kageura
Recent Probrems in String Indexing Systems : An Analysis of PRECIS (Japanese)


P. Battin
Libraries, Technology and Scholarship : The Library as an Information Center

E. Naito
Report on Lecture by Ms. Patricia M. Battin