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Research Bulletin of the NACSIS, No.1(1987.3)



H. Inose


1. E. Naito
Issues Discussed at the "IFLA Pre-Conference Seminar on Automated Systems to Access for Multilingual and Multiscript Library Materials" (Japanese)

2. M. Negishi, H. Ozawa
Development of TOOL-IR Information Retrieval System for Bibliographic Database in Engineering )COMPENDEX and Ei ENGINEERING MEETINGS) (Japanese)

3. M. Hashizume, A. Miyazawa
Application of Error Correcting Code to the Questionnaire Data Entry (Japanese)

4. J. Adachi, H. Hashizume, K. Oyama
A Virtual Screen Transfer Method on TSS Connection (VTSS) (Japanese)

5. K. Oyama
Test and Prototype Systems for a Screen-Oriented Simplified Communication Protocol VTSS (Japanese)


J. Adachi
Technology for a Large-Scale Data Storage

Seminar Theses

1. H. Abe
Present and Future Condition of Komazawa University Library (Japanese)

2. T. Ohi
MARC Test toward Seikei University Library Computerization (including Kanji) : An Application of Relational Database (Japanese)

3. R. Tameishi
Some Recent Problems of Online Retrieval in Agriculture (Japanese)

4. S. Hongo
Center for Bibliographic Information and the University of the Ryukyus (Japanese)

5. S. Ushizaki
Toward a National Bibliographic Database in Japan : From the Point of Retrospective Conversion (Japanese)

6. K. Ojiro
Toward the Integration of 'Database for Bibliography and Location' and 'Secondary Information Database' : Construction of a Model-System (Japanese)

7. J. Kanda
How to Handle the Chinese Characters (Kanji) in Using a Computer for Research in the Document in Chinese (Japanese)

8. T. Tsujikawa
Junctioning of KULPIS to the ULSP : An Effort of Converting Local Acquisition/Holding Data to the ULSP Data Format (Japanese)

9. T. Matsuno
CBI System and ISSN (Japanese)

10. H. Morotomi
The Library : It's Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow : Toward the New-Media Age (Japanese)