Center for Cybersecurity Research and Development

Develop human resources, improve operation efficiency, and guarantee the secure research environment of the cyber space in the universities.

About the center


The National Institute of Informatics had launched the project "NII-SOCS" (NII Security Operation Collaboration Services) in 2016. This project is carried out together with the Center for Cybersecurity Research and Development and the administrative staff of the Academic Infrastructure Division.

The center had developed a network security system to observe and detect cyber attacks in SINET. According to the level of risk and severity, corresponding analyzed information is provided to universities. In addition, security trainings are provided to the technical staffs who are in charge of network security at universities, in order to improve their capabilities on cybersecurity.


Based on the world-wide collaborations, this center aims to establish a secure cyber environment for academic research institutions and improve the operation efficiency, as well as to develop the human resources in cooperation with universities. Through the efforts made by this center, it is expected that the secure cyber space will be realized and insightful results will be widely published.

  1. Introduction and construction of the cyber attack detection system.
  2. Construction of the mechanism for information transmission through universities.
  3. Development of the analysis tools for cyber attack information.
  4. Establishment of the mechanism for the improvement of capability on cyber security at universities.


  • TAKAKURA Hiroki (Professor, Information Systems Architecture Science Research Division)
  • ANDO, Ruo (Project Associate Professor)
  • Kashiwazaki, Hiroki (Project Associate Professor)
  • LIU, Jia (Project Assistant Professor)
  • SHAHATA, Nader (Project Researcher)
  • TANAKA, Hideki (Project Researcher)
  • OYAMA, Kazumi (Assistant Clerk)
  • NII-SOC Team, Academic Infrastructure Division, Cyber Science Infrastructure Development Department