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Projects by Franz Weitl

As a DAAD scholar, I have been involved in the following projects:

SMTreloaded – SMT-based Model Checking with Relational Logic Added
SMTreloaded aims at supporting sets and relations in software model checking, based on description logics and satisfiability modulo theories (SMT).  more...

CITE - From Counterexamples to Interactive Incremental Tracing of Errors
CITE aims at developing the fundamental methods for generating both comprehensive and comprehensible error reports based on model checking results.  more...

After the DAAD scholarship, I decided to stay at the NII until September 2012. Please visit my page and drop me a message!

Research Conditions and Experience

Research conditions are excellent:

  • Kind support of supervising professor and administrative staff
  • Opportunity to work with internship students
  • Excellent technical equipment
  • Support in case of visiting workshops and other research institutions in Japan
  • Free in-house Japanese lessons (beginner level)
  • Flexible working conditions and chance to work independently

The NII is in the center of Tokyo, in close walking distance to the imperial palace. It is nice to go there for having lunch outside or just to get some inspiration. Also in walking distance, there is a sports center and swimming pool which compete with the countless restaurants and shops in this area to be visited after work.