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Academic Employment Opportunities at the NII, Research and Development Center for Large Language Models (LLMC), Project Researcher (Specified fixed-term employment)


1. Job title:

Project Researcher (Specified fixed-term employment)
*Note: Depending on performance, the title of Project Professor, Project Associate Professor or Project Assistant Professor may be awarded additionally.

2. Number of recruits:

Around 5

3. Work location:

The office will be relocated to the Palaceside Building in late July 2024.
Directions: Directly connected to Takebashi metro station (Tozai Line) /exit 1b.
URL: https://www.mai-b.co.jp/access-en.html
*Note: Remote work may be allowed depending on the situation.

4. Affiliation:

LLMC, National Institute of Informatics

5. Job description:

Since May 2023, the National Institute of Informatics has launched the LLM Research Group (LLM-jp)https://llm-jp.nii.ac.jp/, advancing the construction of open large language models (LLMs) strong in Japanese language and related research and development. In October 2023, it released 13 billion parameter LLMs, and work is currently underway on a 172 billion parameter LLM.

Building on such achievements, the National Institute of Informatics has become the implementing body for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's project "Formation of a Research and Development Hub for Ensuring Transparency and Reliability of Generative AI Models." Supported by the FY 2023 supplementary budget (see p.18 at https://www.mext.go.jp/content/20231129-ope_dev03-2.pdf ), sufficient computational resources will be secured, and the Institute plans to actively continue LLM research and development. (For the FY 2024 budget request, see p.7 at https://www.mext.go.jp/content/20240118-ope_dev03-000033586-11.pdf).

Project researchers recruited through this public offering will conduct research and/or development on one or more of the following R&D topics, 1) to 8), to carry out this project.

Initially, focus will be more on A, gradually shifting towards B and C over time. Applicants should indicate their preferred topic(s) on their CV (multiple selections allowed; not necessarily limited to a specific topic. You may be assigned to other topics depending on the LLMC's R&D status).

A) Construction of LLMs (Large Language Models) for R&D

1) Corpus preparation, filtering tool development.

2) Large-scale computing environment construction, computational method development.

3) Design, maintenance, and construction of data for fine-tuning and evaluation.

4) Model construction.

B) Research and Development on Transparency and Reliability of LLMs

5) Research and development on transparency (construction of an observation and analysis platform for LLM input/output, analysis of the effects of fine-tuning and reinforcement learning, theoretical clarification of generalization phenomena in semantics, etc.).

6) Research and development on reliability (suppression of the impact of malicious data modification, technology development leading to deletion of personal information in training data, analysis of handling of the concept of time, research and development on positions and ego in LLMs, etc.).

7) Research on social acceptance of LLMs (construction and operation of an LLM monitoring platform, development of LLM evaluation methods in line with legal systems and ethical standards, etc.).

C) Research and Development on Advanced LLMs

8) Research and development on Advanced LLMs (weakly supervised learning, domain adaptation, model downsizing, development of transformer architecture, integration with causal inference, research on multimodality, etc.).

6. Requirements:
  • For those engaging in Research: Doctorate holders (or expected to obtain by the hiring date). Proficiency in at least one of the R&D topics in section 5 and desirable to have knowledge in multiple topics. Communication and document creation abilities in both Japanese and English.
  • For those engaging in Development: Holders of Doctoral or Master's degrees (or expected to obtain), or Bachelor's degree (or expected to graduate by the hiring date), or equivalent development work experience. Proficiency in at least one of the R&D topics in section 5 and desirable to have knowledge in multiple topics. Communication and document creation abilities in both Japanese and English.
7. Period of employment:

From July 1, 2024, onwards to March 31, 2025.
*If outstanding performance is demonstrated, the contract will be actively renewed and a salary increase will also be considered.
However, the maximum extension of the contract will be until March 31, 2029, and the contract will be renewed on an annual basis.

8. Workdays:

Five days a week, Monday through Friday

Days off: Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and year-end and New Year's holidays (December 29 - January 3).
Summer vacation: Any two consecutive days between August 12 and 18, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.
Remote work may be allowed depending on the situation.

9. Working hours:

Discretionary work system (considered as 7 hours and 45 minutes of work per day).

10. Leave of absence:

Conferred in accordance with regulations:

Annual paid leave
Vacation other than annual paid leave

11. Salary:

Basic salary: From 520,000 JPY per month (calculated based on experience and expertise).

[Model Cases (subject to change based on experience and abilities)]
27 years old (Researcher level): Approx. 628,000 JPY per month.
30 years old (Assistant Professor level): Approx. 706,000 JPY per month.
40 years old (Associate Professor level): Approx. 960,000 JPY per month.

Commuting allowance: Actual expense within a limit, if eligibility criteria are met.
Payday: At month-end closing, generally on the 17th of the same month

12. Insurance:

Employment and workers' compensation insurance covered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association in accordance with laws and regulations.

13. Application document:

Send the following documents in PDF format electronically to llm-job-offer(at)nii.ac.jp (replace (at) with @), with the subject: "Application for National Institute of Informatics LLMC Project Researcher".

  • Resume in the format specified by ROIS (with photo and signature. Include phone number and email address).
  • List of R&D achievements (free format; classify by paper/presentation, with/without peer review; include development achievements; URL of homepage if available).
  • Copies of up to 3 major academic papers.
  • Summary of past R&D and future aspirations (about 1 page A4 paper).
  • Contact information of one referee.
14. Selection procedure:

After document screening, interview dates will be communicated as needed. Interviews may be conducted online.
Travel expenses for interviews or communication expenses for online interviews will be borne by the applicant..

15. Notification of application results:

Applicants will be notified as soon as the decision is made.

16. Deadline of application:

July 31, 2024 (Wednesday) (Must be received by this date. Continuous selection; recruitment will close once positions are filled).

17. Inquires and address to send applications:
  • For document submission & inquiries about job content:
    National Institute of Informatics LLMC Administration Office, Attention: Kobayashi
    2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8430
    E-mail: llm-job-offer (at) nii.ac.jp (replace (at) with @).
  • For inquiries about working conditions:
    National Institute of Informatics, General Affairs Division, Personnel Team, Attention: Sato
    TEL: (03)4212-2018
    E-mail: jinji (at) nii.ac.jp (replace (at) with @).
18. Employer:

Inter-University Research Institute Corporation
Research Organization of Information and Systems
President Masaru Kitsuregawa

19. Miscellaneous:

Any questions shall be addressed to the email address above, with the subject: "Inquiry for National Institute of Informatics LLMC Project Researcher Application".

Personal information submitted for this recruitment will be used only for selection purposes and will be destroyed responsibly after the selection process, except for those hired. For hired staff, the information will be used for personnel, labor, salary processing, and various procedures within the organization.

The National Institute of Informatics is committed to gender equality and actively seeks to appoint female researchers. In this recruitment, women will be actively hired if they are deemed equal in performance (research and development achievements, educational achievements, social contributions, etc.).