Last updated at: 2007/03/13


Current research projects are as follow:
- Participatory Scholarly Information Service Project

User-oriented and participatory information services realizing Web 2.0 can deliver useful information in different forms from centralized information retrieval services. Both types of information services are complimentary each other. This project is planned to implement an user-oriented and participatory information service for research papers, and open it's testbed environment to the public.

- Information Resource Identification Project

In the age of information flood, the certainty of information is demanded. Discriminating between similar information entities and identifying the same type of information are key technologies. In this project, we pick up researcher and paper as information entities. We will implement the mechanism to be able to identify the same entities from a variety of information resources and then show the entities to users. The service will be operated in a researcher identification server and a paper identification server. We proceed this project in conjunction with projects of Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center at Research Organization of Information and Systems.

- Digitization/Information Extraction/Information Use Project

This project targets scanned data of scholary published papers. The followings are topics of the research.
-Highly precise and efficient character recognition for scanned papers to be in a text form
-Effective information retrieval of the text
-Information extraction of valuable parts from the text

- Inter-Institutional Repositories Project
  National Institute of Informatics (NII) promotes "institutional repositories" of universities and research institutes in Japan. For this purpose, Organization for Scientific Resources Operations and Coordination was founded in NII. We are planned to an information exchange system among institutional repositories.
- NII Contents Lab

NII Contents Lab is the environment for experimental systems developed in this center and NII to be tested in public.

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