Last updated at: 2007/03/13

About the Center: background and mission

Recent scholarly information services are changing rapidly to meet the demands of researchers and scholarly people. Previous services often let priviledged users access to a particular database for a special matter. The Internet, as a result, has dramatically changed the form of providing this scholarly information services.

At first, the web technology enhancing scholarly information services drives the user's research activity. New service demands emerges to adapt to the new situation. Independent databases are going to be integrated at several levels, i.e., from service level to user level. The services are also being adapted to a new variety of usage cases of database as well as the orthodox ones such that users search and retrieve results from a database. A trend towards open database such as Google Scholar is coming up.

At the second the covering field of scholarly information is getting wider. Research communities start sharing a variety of science data as well as traditional scholarly information. For instance, genome data, earth observation data and other scientific data are shared among researchers. It must contribute to the current progress of science and technology.

Under this consideration, the Research and Development Center for Scholarly Information Resources was founded in National Institute of Informatics in April, 2006. The mission of the center is the research and development for the next genration scholarly information service and communication infrastructure. The center plays a part of Cyber Science Infrastructure (CSI) undertaking promoted by National Institute of Informatics. Members will explore what scholarly information services research and educational communities demand, investigate new services, and pioneer a new field of content.


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