About Us
About Us

Next-generation Academic Information Infrastructure is an important element of Cyber Science Infrastructure (CSI). It serves as an information platform that will secure Scholarly and Academic Information that is essential to the scholarly community while also ensuring its stable supply. At the same time, it collects and organizes the results of education and research that are produced at universities and research institutes, enhances their value, and disseminates them to society at large.

NII has contributed to the formation of various forms of scholarly and academic information in cooperation with universities and academic societies. Examples of such information include catalog information of books and journals, reports on JSPS grants-in-aid for scientific research, the full text information of academic papers prepared together with societies and universities, and the e-journal archives of academic publishers (Springer, Oxford University Press, etc.) that NII purchased jointly with the University Library Consortia.

Given its role as an organization that has inherited such established undertakings and that works to promote development of next-generation academic information infrastructure, NII established the Organization for Scientific Resources Operations and Coordination in collaboration with university research institutes. With this organization playing the central role, NII will secure various forms of information needed by the scholarly community while also working toward reinforced dissemination of the valuable scientific information that is produced by universities and others.

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Cooperative Framework for CSI
Cooperative Framework for CSI

To run the infrastructure smoothly, NII and universities need to cooperate through the following organizations.

Organization for Scientific Resources Operations and Coordination

The organization was set up in fiscal 2005, and it is charged with designing, managing the construction, and servicing the core content of the state-of-the-art science information infrastructure of our country.

Library Liaison Working Committee

These committees deal with practical issues relating to the Organization for Scientific Resources Operations and Coordination.. Institutional Repository Working Committee ran from fiscal 2005 to 2006. It was reorganized into the Library Liaison Working Committee in fiscal 2007.

Research and Development Center for Scientific Information Resources

The center promotes matters related to the scholarly content that compose CSI.

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Termination of Operation
Joint Project for constructing metadata database(Japanese)(2008/03/31)
Academic Information Resources at Universities(Japanese)
JuNii+(test version)(2009/03/28)
Academic Society HomeVillage:homepage data area provider for Japanese academic societies
GeNii : NII Scholarly and Academic Information Portal(2014/03/31)
Support Project for Research Bulletin Dissemination(Japanese)(2017/03/31)
National Institute of Informatics Electronic Library(Japanese)(2017/03/31)
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