NIIテクニカル・レポート (NII-2007-003J)

タイトル 科学研究費補助金採択研究課題数による大学の研究活性度の調査研究 -2005年度(平成17年度)版- III.生物系編
著者名 光田好孝、野村浩康、前田正史、前橋 至、根岸正光、柴山盛生、西澤正己、孫 媛
概要 The system of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan is one of the oldest ones, which is the funding system for researchers belonging to universities and institutes in Japan. The fund was allotted to each researcher by peer review under the application for their own research projects. This is the third report for 2005 fiscal year's version, on the research field of biosciences. The total number of adoption subjects of research projects at 2005 has summed up for each university and institute on individual research field and compared them to those of 2004 which were reported previously.
言語 日本語
公開日 2007年4月3日
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