NIIテクニカル・レポート (NII-2005-001J)

タイトル 学術研究者のこの10年 ―21世紀の展望は実現できたか―
著者名 柴山 盛生  猪狩 もえ
概要      In 1992, academic council declared a plan to improve academic environment and levels of research activities in Japan. In this plan, government set five main goals: (1) improvement of academic facilities; (2) expansion of financial support for academic activities; (3) provide more opportunities for young and women researchers (to find and grow new human resources available to work as researchers.); (4) construct a world-wide academic network; (5) facilitate humanities and social science area. This report reviews activities of Japanese academic institutes during 1993-2001 to examine whether the governmental plan was attained.
     According to surveys that carried out 1993-2001, main proportion of academic researchers did not change in many parts such as figure of research population in each academic subject, female ratio in academic subjects and institution, and situation that humanities and social science areas were less recognized as important area for society. On the other hand, researchers in natural science areas achieved a lot of industrial technology and had more opportunities to carry out their research with private-sector companies. They also received more financial support from government than those who in humanities and social science areas.
     There were many proposals in the governmental plan 1992 for further development of humanities and social science areas, but that did not work effectively. Japanese government presented a new plan in 1999 and repeat the importance of academic research activities, but it did mention how last plan worked. Without reflecting real situation in last decay, new plan set further goals.
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