2nd call of 2008 NII International Internship Program Guidelines for Applicants



1. Target candidates:
   Master's and/or Ph. D. degree students who are enrolled in the partner institutions that have signed MOU agreements with NII.

@   Note: Those who have obtained the Doctor of Philosophy degree before the start of internship program are not qualified as internship students.


2. Time frame:
  Interns accepted for this program will participate for two to six months, with the start during the period from December 2008 to March 2009.

3. Application:

  • Candidates 
      -Fill out the NII International Internship Program application form and submit it to your supervisor.
      -Choose up to three topics out of the list of research topics.
      -No direct application from candidates is accepted.

  • Each partner Institution
      -Collect application forms from candidates and after making its selection, send them to NII via e-mail
      -Each partner institution can send a maximum of three applications.

4. Sojourn expenses:
      Interns will receive 5,700 yen (about US $52 or € 35) per day as sojourn expenses (171,000 yen (about US $1,561 or € 1,062) /30 days.)

      Transportation expenses are in principal not paid.

5. Selection:
      Screening of applicants is conducted by each NII laboratory according to the research topics selected by an applicant. 

6. Application deadline:
      Application deadline is October 24, 2008.

7. Notification:
      Notification to successful applicants after November 10, 2008.



Kiyohiko Sakai                                                        Henri Angelino
  Director of Internati
onal Affairs Division                    Visiting Professor 
  National Institute of Informatics, Japan                      Acting Director GLO 
  E-mail: kokusai@nii.ac.jp                                       E-mail: angelino@nii.ac.jp

Phone: +81-(0)3-4212-2165