Benefits for using NACSIS-CAT
Labor saving for cataloging work
NACSIS-CAT adopts shared cataloging system to prevent duplicate cataloging work in libraries, so that participating libraries can achieve labor saving for cataloging work.
Referring standard bibliographical databases
NACSIS-CAT refers to standard bibliographical databases such as JAPAN MARC and USMARC for input work, so that participating libraries can construct the union catalog efficiently.
Authority control
NACSIS-CAT databases include author's name and uniform title authority files. Using these files, participating libraries can maintain high quality data.
Constructing an own library database easily
Participating libraries can request their own library portions of the NACSIS-CAT union catalog. Furthermore they can easily download bibliographies and holding data in online cataloging work. Using these data, participating libraries can construct and maintain an own library database easily.
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Last updated: 2008/12/08