Consultants for your student life

If you have any problems in your student life regarding research, relationship, financial, future career or mental health, you may consult with your academic advisor or sub-advisors. Please do not hesitate to ask them.
When you wish to know who is your advisor or sub-advisor, please refer to Int’l Affairs and Education Support Team.
If you need further assistance or would like to consult with other than those advisors, please feel free to contact the consultants for the individual consultation.
You can contact the Chair/Vice Chair of school or staff from Int’l Affairs and Education Support Team as well.
Please refer to the following website for details.

Handling of consultation issues

Your privacy will be kept strictly confidential. So please contact them at ease.
The consultant, the Chair or Int’l Affairs and Education Support Team may work together to resolve the issues. However, the person you talked at first hand will definitely ask for your permission in advance to what extent the person can share the issues.